Real Time Stratagy Game

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|RTS Game|

I worked on this game in the summer of 2016. I was inspired by games like Age of Empires and Command & Conquer. I learned a lot developing this game, but I ended up loseing intrest in developing the game because it was such a big project.

| What is this game? |

This is a real time strategy game. So you play from a birds eye view controlling your faction. This includes telling your villagers to collect resources and construct buildings. Then eventually you are able to make military units and attack other factions. I never actually implemented fighting into the game though. I learned so much developing this game, but lost interest fairly quickly.

| Dev Logs |

I was actually making almost weekly dev log videos for like two months. In these videos I basically talked about my development of the game and what I had planned for it. I think this was a great idea because the feedback I got from people gave me ideas of features to add to the game as well as made me much more motivated to work on the game. These dev log videos took time to make though, but I do hope to make dev log videos on other games I might be developing in the future.

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