| Vex Robotics |

|Engineering Vex Robots|

I have been a key member of the Lockerby Vex robotics team for the past year. I took part in engineering the design of our robot and building it from the ground up. I was also the lead driver for the competition as well as assisted with programming the autonomous parts of our robot.

| My Role |

I am mainly a designer and builder. This includes designing components for our robots, making them, and then testing. I helped design and make both of our robots' ball launchers, ball intakes, claws, lifts, and even the drive trains. I have also assisted with the programming as well.

| Driving |

I am also the lead driver. This means that I have the most experince driving our robot. I drove the robot to our first place victory at regionals. Driving the robot takes patience and the ability to make quick decisions. I think my experence from playing video games has helped me.